What is the ScaleTwister?


The ScaleTwister enables you to effortlessly transpose the 30 most important scales in to all 12 keys. Some of the scales include the most important pop, jazz and blues scales.
Die Skalen sind auf drei Farbkreisen in folgende Anwendungsbereiche unterteilt:
Major — Minor — Dominant7


The fourth color circle of the ScaleTwister has the following use:
The ScaleTwister will enable you to identify intervals and is big help for composing music, since each interval is tied to a unique character.
With this tool you can identify any chord possible
Circle of Fifths
The circle of fifths helps you to identify the key signature, the parallel keys and the use of chords and progressions.
This shows you the degrees in every key.
Transpose and compose for different tuned instruments — made easy with the ScaleTwister!

How does the ScaleTwister work?

Each scale is identified by the number of notes and the distance (interval) between each note. This definition is unchanged when transposed.

Intervals are depicted with the following letters:
W = Whole Step
H = Half Step
T = Three Half Steps
The scales are located on a rotatable disc and are assignable to all keys listed on the background.


C-Major (yellow), Intervals (red).
The C-Major scale transposed to E-Major, the „interval-definition“ remains unchanged.


The international note names are used in the SaleTwister:

German H = International B

German B = International Bb

ScaleTwister — Why?

Because playing music with ScaleTwister is easier and doubles your fun!