Minor Blues


Mollblues, die beliebteste Skala für den Blues und für einen spontanen Jam.

Im Mollblues werden die Dominantakkorde durch Mollakkorde ersetzt. Auch hier kannst du über die ganze Progression die allgemeine Blues-Skala spielen.

General Blues Scale

The General Blues scale can always be used, no matter if it is a major or minor blues. It is an expanded Minor Pentatonic scale.


Mollblues: Erweiterte Allgemeine Blues-Skala


You can play the Minor Blues scale to all minor chords


The real Blue Notes are between Eb and E, Bb and B or Gb and G. With string instruments the effect is achieved by for example playing an Eb and at same time bending the string. For wind instruments the Blue Notes are played with the so called „lipping down“ — lip technique, by playing for example an E and then altering the tone downwards.

Example of a Minor Blues Progression with suitable Scales: